Ned's Trust

This trust is established for the benefit of Edward Sullivan (Ned), to supplement (but not supplant) the public or private benefits and services that Ned is eligible to receive due to his disability. The funds will help provide Ned with the highest quality of life, without jeopardizing his entitlement to public and private benefits and services. The nature and extent of the complex and multiple needs of Ned require considerable resources. There are many gaps in the public and private programs. Without the additional resources provided to Ned under this trust, many of Ned’s future needs for medical, personal and other services would not be met.

During Ned’s life, the funds will be used to best enable Ned to achieve his highest potential and otherwise enhance the quality of his life, by enabling him to lead as normal, comfortable, dignified, and fulfilling a life as possible. The funds will also ensure that Ned lives and receives any needed care and treatment in the most home-like setting, consistent with his special needs.

Upon Ned’s death, any remaining trust property will go to one or more charitable organizations whose primary focus is the care, development and/or treatment of disabled individuals. Ned may choose the organizations.

This irrevocable trust was formed in 2013. Philip P. Jameson of GW&Wade, financial advisors, Wellesley, Massachusetts is the trustee. Megan Sullivan Holsinger, Ned’s sister, shall become a trustee upon Ellen Rogers’ (Ned’s mother) death. Massachusetts law governs this trust.

Under current federal tax law, a donation to this trust will be a “taxable gift” by the donor. It will not qualify as a medical expense or as a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax advisor.

Disclaimer for a Donation Receipt:
No representation is made as to the tax consequences of your donation. Please consult your tax advisor.